Kelly Bogel will speak on

"Pittsburgh: A Palimpsest"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday May 4, 2014 at 1:15, Pitt Scaife Hall, Room 1102


I explore urban decay and document the changes from past to present. My photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia or yearning by chronicling subjects that are fractured iterations of what they once were in the past. I prefer to shoot film because it contains a sense of depth and uncertainty that is now removed from the instantaneous nature of digital photography. Although I consider myself a straight photographer, meaning that I try to photograph my subjects as realistically and objectively as possible, I am most interested in the transformation from reality to photographic image and the lies that can be told in between these two states. I believe that stories dwell within the ambiguities and imperfections that occur during the process of photographing. I often shoot subjects at night, using long exposures to capture an image that is impossible to see with the naked eye. The juxtaposition of documentary style and experimental technique allows me to approach everyday imagery in a peculiar way.