Aleesha Kelly will speak on

"Photography with a Purpose"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday Jan. 5th, 2020 at 1:15, Pitt Scaife Hall, Room 1102


I will speak about different ways we use photography in powerful ways to evoke candid emotion in the viewer. This would lead into my Model Mothers Project presentation and a discussion about the pictorialist style.


A busy mother of 3, Aleesha is a fine art portrait photographer and a community organizer rooted in Western Pennsylvania. She is creator of the Model Mothers Project, an empowering photojournalism project highlighting the resiliency of mothers through the struggles of mental health and violence. She teaces photography at a public arts high school, is an active member of the New Kensington Camera Club, and supports the arts in her community. She has won numerous awards, most recently the Trib Total Media's Reader's Choice GOLD Award for her photo business. Photography by Allesha Kelly focuses on fine art portraiture with natural light, allowing her to capture her subjects emotions. She can be contacted at