Member Mike Pagani will speak on

"Personal Work"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday Dec. 6, 2016 at 1:15, Pitt Scaife Hall, Room 1102


Nature and Wildlife photography


When I was four years old you could usually find me with an old camera in my hands.    By the time I was in ninth grade I was in a photography club in school shooting and developing black and white film.    I would borrow my aunts Argus C3 35mm and shoot slides, I took pictures of just about anything that would sit still long enough to capture on film.   I finally got my first 35mm camera in 1975, and have been enjoying it ever since!   

I made the switch to digital in 2006 and started learning all over again!   I still shoot like I am shooting film trying to capture the best possible image with the camera . Now the computer is an important part of photography . I do enhance some of my images to learn the editing software.   like the tools out in the shed you don’t use them all the time but it is nice to know how and which tool to use to get the job done.

I participate in two photography clubs, Digital Imagers Group and theNew Castle Camera Club.  I have received a third place award in international competition for my division in P.S.A. New Castle holds a juried show every year at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts and I have received many awards including three best of shows.   I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I do!