Jay Ressler will speak on

"Personal Work"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday Mar. 7, 2010 at 1:15, Pitt Scaife Hall, Room 1102


The center piece of my talk will be a slide show based on portraits of people I’ve made mostly on the streets, at public events, or at other public places. Many are of performers of one sort or another. While many of the subjects were aware, quite a few were shot candidly, some “from the hip.” Although many hip shots miss by a mile, this technique sometimes produces interesting results. I will also include several other very brief slide shows including some of the photos I call my signature pieces. I also plan to spend a little time talking about processing using Adobe Camera Raw.


Jay Ressler, 62, is a creative photographer and Digital Imagers Member, who has shown his work at a number of venues including: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Silvereye Center for Photography, 3rd Street Gallery in Carnegie, Fein Art Gallery, Borelli-Edwards Gallery, and others. His imagery has earned multiple awards, and he is a member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh , an Exhibiting Member of Silvereye, and a board member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists. He is a website designer and a native of Berks County, Pennsylvania.