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Polly Mills Whitehorn will speak on


Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday May 5, 2013 at 1:15, Pitt Scaife Hall, Room 1102


Polly will discuss the application of textures to her imagery and will show some of her personal work.


Polly Mills Whitehorn is a relative newcomer to the art of photography. She began her arts career as a clothes designer for upscale adults and children in the New York area. Her clients included Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

She began making innovative quilts for gallery exhibition and did lecture tours as a teacher specializing in the transfer of imagery to cloth. Representing an Arts Council she managed their annual photography show, bringing in jurors of national stature for a series of dynamic exhibitions. Working in digital imagery, she moved from Long Island to Pittsburgh in 2012, where she utilizes her fiber background to add texture layers to her imagery. The camera has proven to be the ideal vehicle to discover and capture communities and ethnic cultures. Exploring her passion for the arts, she creates visually unique work which is included in both private and corporate collections.