Nancy Rotenberg Discusses "Creative Process"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday December 3, 2002 at 1:15, Carnegie Library Squirrel Hill

Prevailing mythology has it that creativity is a gift of some sort, but really it is a state of being - a quality of mind available to us all.

Through slides and discussion, Nancy will lead us along a path that ventures into the mode of exploration, of subject and light, of assumed boundaries of photography, and on paths that travel beyond personal horizons.



Nancy Rotenberg is a nature and garden photographer, writer and educator. She has published 2 books on close-up photography and is at work on 3 more publications. Nancy's images and articles have appeared in hundreds of magazines, such as Adirondack Life, National Geographic, Nikon World, Newsweek, Time, Outdoor Photographer, Country Gardens, Garden Design, The World & I. Her work has also appeared in many calendars and greeting cards, including Hallmark, Inner Reflections, Renaissance, Sunrise, and Sierra Club. In 2002, Nancy was given the honor of being the sole photographer for the Mitsubishi calendar.

Although Nancy enjoys scenic photography, her specialty lies in macrophotography and backyard treasures. Her goal through photography is to create visual statements that express the harmony and delicate relationships in go beyond documentation, to photograph intimately and with feeling, to portray each subject's unique and special essence.