John Stuart will speak on

"Lessons on Lightroom and some Other Things Too"

Digital Imagers Meeting

Sunday Jan. 6, 2013 at 1:15, Scaife Hall of Univ. Pgh. Room 1102

John  Stuart will present an Introduction to Lightroom 4, mostly reviewing the Lightroom 4 user interface and Library Module. He will show a book of his photographs that he recently made using Lightroom's Book Module connectivity with He will also be showing a video of a professional photographer's still life photo shoot from digital photographic capture to printing to framing using best practices



John Stuart, DI member and physician, has been active in stereo (3-D) photography for over 30 years. His interests have included collecting vintage stereo photos and equipment, 35mm and medium format film stereo photography and, for the past six years, digital stereo photography. He will give tutorials in Lightroom and other topics of interest.